Avenue C Advisors Making Your Environmental Programs Count

We have worked with companies and other organizations to perform LCA or carbon footprint studies, to assist them in their own work, and to review their reports and results. We have acted as peer reviewers for more than 50 LCA studies, including academic research as well as ISO peer review assessments. We have also served as chairs of peer review committees. We have worked with several of the major US-based LCA consultancies (e.g., Franklin Associates/ERG, PE Americas). Below we highlight some specific recent projects we have been involved with to give a sense of the work done.

We have worked with a multi-national chemicals company in estimating their Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon footprint (aligned with WRI GHG Protocol requirements) and assessing the degree to which pursuing bio-based feedstocks would reduce the impact of their business. A generalized case study of this work is available.

We have worked as chair of a Peer Review Committee for a manufacturer of food waste disposal units on a large LCA study performed by an outside engineering consulting firm. The study compared using their product to dispose of food waste via wastewater systems versus composting, landfilling, or combusting food waste.

We have reviewed the development of a carbon footprinting methodology for a US government entity that is pursuing broader dissemination of their footprint.

We are working with an imaging company to oversee the development of an LCA of an emerging technology product compared to an existing dominant product sold by the industry.

Outside of the industrial world, we have done projects with US EPA (Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery) comparing results of their solid waste LCA models, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment on an LCA of Plasma Gasification, and the Washington State Department of Ecology.  We have also been involved with assessments of climate action plans for university campuses and the City of Pittsburgh.

Peer Review of Beverage Alternatives

One of our partners was a member of the Peer Review Committee of a life cycle comparison of various beverage alternatives. The entire study as well as the peer review report are available on-line. We have also reviewed studies from other clients in the beverage industry.

State Level Sustainability

We worked with Sound Resource Management Group to develop the Consumer Environmental Index (CEI) tool for the Washington State Department of Ecology. Papers describing the method and results are available via The Journal of Industrial Ecology and the Department of Ecology.